STEGA Optimizor 3.86




For finding the best solutions, coefficients, methods and formulas for estimating sediment transport, flow discharges and velocities with the aim of maximizing the accuracy of predictions, STE software uses an advanced genetic algorithm(STEGA) that has programmed exclusively by HWSTR company for STE software. STE GA Optimizor has special power in finding the best solutions for the various of problems in the shortest period of time. In order to evaluate the capabilities, abilities and speed of the optimizing process, an independent applied software has been developed that is equipped with the mathematical test case functions. In addition to the said functions, defining user functions is also possible in this software.

This software has developed for the purpose of

  • Introducing the unique capabilities and abilities of Sediment Transport Estimator Software.
  • Learning optimization techniques and genetic algorithm to enthusiasts and students.
  • Applied and rapid utilization of STEGA for scientists, researchers and engineers.


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