Water scarcity is a problem in finding freshwater resources for the use, which is due to the depletion of resources. In addition to water shortages and the problem of producing safe water, there are other problems such as water transfer to remote areas, water shortages for agriculture and livestock, wastage of water and minerals for irrigation in traditional ways, and difficulty in irrigating trees in areas such as slopes, etc. Farmers and ranchers are more aware of the difficulty of these problems.

Therefore, we propose a water system production with a new approach called (CWPS) for clean water production and an intelligent irrigation system. In this case, our idea is the Clean Water Producer System (CWPS), a simple, low-tech device powered by wind and solar panels that are designed to be easy to install and maintain. CWPS supplies water from the air and we use air humidity to produce water. This system can be used in any different climate or temperature, which will have various applications. At first glance, we can use water for drinking or normal consumption. In the second view, it can be used for irrigation in agriculture. We measure soil conditions such as humidity and temperature, and irrigation can be done automatically according to the needs of plants or trees. We can also add minerals that are vital for plant growth, to deliver to the roots during irrigation. In addition, CWPS can produce and store water for livestock, which faces water problems for their livestock. Another important advantage of CWPS is the use of green energy systems such as wind and solar energy for power supply.

A prototype of this design was made and tested under similar conditions. The results were satisfactory. In this test, we were able to receive about 500 to 600 cc of water from the air per day (with conditions of about 60% humidity at 30 degrees). It may seem not much at first, but it can be enough to irrigate vegetables, squash, sugarcane, and some fruit trees such as olives and grapes. Benefiting from electrical technologies and sensors, the system is intelligently designed to increase irrigation efficiency. By examining the condition of the soil, plants and trees are irrigated as needed. This water production along with intelligent irrigation is a combination of basic sciences in physics and modern technology using sustainable new energy.

Regarding the sale of this product, generally, all people who need clean water for various activities can be our customers. However, farmers are our main customers because they can improve the efficiency of irrigation systems. Government agencies such as the Department of Agriculture and the Environment can be our customers by providing monetary incentives to people who want to use our products. Ranchers can also use CWPS for their livestock on remote pastures or farms.

We are eager to realize this project as efficient research and we are constantly trying to be seen as a group of experts in the field of sustainability and green energies so that it can help people to produce water and access the water source or transfer it.

  • The team working on this project :

Amir Ahmad Dehghani
Professor, Department of Water Engineering, Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Mehran Razzaghi Ghaleh
Automation Engineering University of Bologna, IT